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Dentists can decide on their own how to diagnose and treat their patients.
The owner dentist and other associate dentists are there to help and guide you if you need it.
Dental Services gives practices the business support they need to be successful.

We are the best dental support organization in the country. We give dentists the freedom to focus on clinical excellence and the highest levels of cost-effective, comprehensive patient care.

Dental Services is currently helping and providing support more than 930 practices in the United States.

Courses are offered in more than 20 distinct areas, including CAD/CAM digital dentistry, patient communication, diagnostic and treatment planning, implant implantation, and a great many more. Beginners, specialists, and masters can all take advantage of these opportunities.

The material of each course is meticulously laid out, and it is instructed by prominent industry professionals and clinicians in order to live up to our best-in-class standards.

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